And the birds on the branch are singing about TikTok … and you haven’t tried it yet?
Here’s my experience so judge if it’s worth it.

I knew that it was important and that reach was great … and the whole theory stands … but in practice I was always asked – what to put on TikTok? What content related to my work can be interesting to TickTokers?

Dario Marčac (Top 10 Balkan TikToker from Croatia, followed by more than 500,000 people na), who motivated me and gave me great advice on where to start. The guy is a miracle and the results he has are really top notch!

Although Dario is much, much younger than me 🙈 and filming himself is completely natural to him, he took into account the fact that I am not ready to be the star of my videos and gave me advice on how to reach the audience differently – without having to film myself .

I have already thanked him, but I repeat it publicly because, although he is popular and the media is spreading him, he selflessly shares his knowledge and experience and that is great for me! Motivates and inspires and all the best to him!

Yes … and the results are amazing.
On a minimum of 137 followers on TikTok, I have e.g. one video with a reach of 4,474 views.

If such a reach were on Facebook, it would have 32,000 views per 1,000 followers, which I can only dream of, because when there are 500 of them, I am very satisfied. The math is simple.

The next question that arises is – is this my target audience? It may not be, but creating a brand is not a short-term job anyway. And that audience will be in a couple of years, if not already (they just don’t want to admit they’re on TikTok 😂) the main target group.
And it is definitely too late to start building only then.

You really need to get out of your box and make some strides even though you may not be comfortable at first. I made my own and still recorded myself – just for the needs of TikTok ☺️. And the results are great again 🥳

Try to get out of your box … at least open it 😉 If you get stuck, call.


(Bear in mind that I’m just one message away 😉 )