People take marketing and advertising lightly.

I came across this photo by chance during a break from work, study, research and of course all my private obligations … and it just sat on my first. It’s not just about advertising if we look at it from a wider angle.

And it got me thinking about how light people actually take marketing.

And they don’t understand the fact – in order to write a copy for a client (publication, story) you have to know the subject. Learn, explore, see what the competition is doing. And then I realize that in my free time I research and learn about software solutions because my client is a programmer, on the other hand I research types of roof tiles, then a little food industry, then I throw myself into studying trends for events in cafes…

And along the way you learn a lot of interesting things, you meet wonderful new people – by “you meet” I mean online in most cases today.

I was one of those who didn’t mind sending a message to a guy in a big corporation, he was the CEO, Board Member or something else. If I need help or advice – I ask for it.

What is the worst that can happen to me? Don’t answer me. Terrible, isn’t it?
And the best? To connect with people who know more than me 🤗

So dig, plant and nurture new acquaintances. Look for solutions and don’t let the routine take you away. When you start to feel like you’re falling – that your motivation is “low”, grab someone for inspiration – seek advice and a new box of ideas is sure to open.

If you’ve lost one client, look for a replacement – just remember it’s all a matter of statistics. Contact 5 potential clients every day and do it EVERY day. It is mining in small numbers, but when added up on a monthly basis we are talking about 100 new contacts. Do you really think that out of those 100 at least 5 will not react? Maybe not right away, but they will keep your product in mind if you present it well.

“Self-discipline comes here too,” but about it on another occasion because the blog has become too long, so I’ll end it here.

I’m here if you need more information.


(Bear in mind that I’m just one message away 😉)