Online is “in”

Today, everyone wants to be online because it’s “in” or cro. trendy. A few years ago, only serious companies had marketing strategies. And today, everyone wants to be a part of the digital world and talk about marketing. Imagine a business owner who has so far used only phone and email. Do we really expect him to know what Facebook Ads, SEO, Google Positioning, My Business and many other terms are? And that same owner really wants to be in trend. But there is no time.
It is too expensive for him to hire a marketing person, and although he knows he has to be present, he gives up because of the costs and decides to patch up social networks – as before. But that’s why there’s the term “outsourcing” that covers to shift your monthly expenses for a potential new employee to help with digital marketing. Simply put, most of us would like to bake bread at home every day. But we don’t have time. And that is why we have a bakery which is our so-called outsourcing 😉 Martina (Bear in mind that I’m just one message away 😉 )