Routine – at work

“Sometimes we all get stuck in a routine and wonder why things aren’t going better. If you always do things the same way, you will have the same result.
Change your business routine, look at things from a different perspective and you will quickly feel the change.
👣 When standing or “bumping”, do not go anywhere. And if you take only half a step forward (you don’t even need the whole one) you are slowly moving towards the goal.
The inspiration for the post is last week’s interview with the owner of a smaller company who complained that there was no way she could get the results back to pre-pandemic levels.
We concluded that he was doing everything the same, but the results were not coming. There is a problem – he does everything the same, and almost two years have passed. Nothing is the same and needs to be adjusted.
😍 After our conversation, she says, she rolled up her sleeves and did something she hasn’t done before because her job went by itself. The advice that triggered it was my sentence that even in moments when the business goes by itself, you think you don’t need advertising because everything is super pink – you always have to have time to find a new client.
✅First, make your own backup plan for a time when it will no longer be pink
Ru Secondly, you are opening new vistas for yourself – you are back in the market and fighting.
😎 If you work constantly with the same clients, the same jobs, you fall into a sympathetic rocking routine where creativity and struggle are not at the level they should be.
You have stability, ambition falls, and with it innovation. When you fight and prove yourself to the client – innovation flourishes because you want to be different from the competition!
💎 And here comes the real inspiration that extends to your regular customers with whom you need to nurture this cherished relationship, but do not forget that they also need refreshment.
The market is changing very fast and if you do not follow the trends, you remain at the level of a company that is considering whether to open pages on social networks, and everyone else has been reaping the results for years.
Don’t think too much and adjust right away. You will spend time and energy, but you will learn how to be different from the competition.
To get started, try the attached view – go through the steps and think about what and how you post on social media 😉.
(Bear in mind that I’m just one message away 😉)
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