Statistics – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

2.5 million users in Croatia currently use Facebook , which in 2020. was the leading social network with a share of 83% of visits to all social networks.

2.5 million users use Youtube . Surely you are wondering how companies make an advertisement to spin right at the moment when you watch an interesting video? This is called Youtube advertising. Although we are looking for the “skip ad” button, we still have to wait a few seconds and look at the ad, right?

1.2 million users in Croatia use Instagram . IGTV, Reels..new trends have been around for a long time. Continuous education and monitoring of innovations is the basis for creating good and meaningful campaigns that will bring results.

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Every second, 70,000 searches are searched worldwide via Google . Yes, every second! Are you working on being there too – where are your customers?

Statistics 2021