Do you live from admiration or sales?

You have mastered the basics, studied various tutorials and decided to go. The posts you post are about you, your company and of course, your products. You photograph them and you are proud of them. And you need to be because it is the result of your hard work and dedication. The strategy is fine for you if you want to stick to the fact that you have boasted of a beautiful product and that everyone admires you. You post 4 posts on Facebook a day and disappointment follows because nothing is happening. No statistics or views. Well, now Facebook and Instagram are to blame, as well as the statement that it’s all nonsense, selling fog. Let’s look at the story from a customer perspective. He sees a new page, starts following it, and your posts keep popping up. They may be interesting to him, but after a while you become irritated with boasting and perfection. Guess what’s going on next – your current potential customer is slowly “following” you. Hubspot research has shown that sites with less than 10,000 followers experience a 50% drop in engagement per post if they post more than one post per day. Sometimes you still have to stick to those: less is more.

Don’t sell

Yes, you read well. At the beginning of the text I ask if you want to sell and then I advise you not to sell. This is not a good strategy in the long run. Inform, take off your shoes and put on your shoes. And you will immediately see everything more clearly. Give the customer what he needs, not what you want to sell. Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. The sale comes by itself after that. But when you build such relationships with customers then it is no longer pure sales, but pure trust. After trust comes loyalty based on the happiness of your customers. Remember all those Konzum, DM, Bipa, etc. loyalty cards. We all have our eyes lit up when our aunt at the checkout asks, “Do you want to reduce your bill by $ 80?” And we spent that 80 kn a long time ago. But at that point we are happy, although we are aware that this is only part of marketing. But we are still happy 🙂

Bind the customer

Brand building is not just a term for big companies. If you are a ceramicist, for example – you also have to work on building your brand or image. Of course you care what customers think of you. You always start from yourself, which you like. Inform customers, create an image and customers will start coming and bonding with you. But that won’t happen in 2 days, nor in a week. You need to constantly build and work on creating a story. And the story lasts … and spreads. I find it important to mention the term “content marketing”. Bill Gates was back in 1996, when digital marketing was in its infancy. existence, published an essay entitled “Content is king”. Can you imagine Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and other platforms without content? Did you know that the average man in the morning within 5 minutes of waking up picks up the phone and starts bombarding the contents. Think about whether you are part of the average 😉