What exactly am I doing?

Often a question of the brave, because the less brave do not dare to ask not to turn out to be “ignorant” because, like everyone, they should know everything about social networks today. And it’s a shame if you don’t know what “reach” or “igtv” and the like is. terms. Of course it’s not a shame. And be sure to ask anything that interests you.

As if I should know the name of an electrician’s tool – I don’t know. I’m not interested, I don’t want to know 😉 It’s important to solve the situation with the electricity I have at the moment.

I will quickly single out what most clients ask of services.
Here’s what I do:
– I run social networks for clients /e.g. the company does not have a person in charge of marketing or has one, so that person is only involved in traditional marketing, not digital. In short, they do not manage to write texts, create publications, etc. and we agree to cooperate to take care of their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc … for a month, two, six or so … What does it mean to take care of them? Depending on the deal and the Contract of course. Some people want to have control over the account and publish it themselves, while others will not even hear and leave everything in the hands of someone else, some do not even ask for authorization. It’s all a matter of agreement and trust 😉

– making dynamic posts once (like the post below) / the company already has a person / agency that takes care of its social networks, but sometimes they want to refresh their page with different posts. Let’s arrange visuals and refreshments are coming 😉 Visuals are sent by e-mail and no one enters the profiles, but the client uploads and does with them what he wants

– copywriting / yes, sounds fancy 😉 Again the same company mentioned above, has a designer for their website and the designer asks them for text. And here comes the stalemate. They do not have the time or inspiration to write content, product descriptions, etc. And so we agree on a one-time collaboration and finalize the web site, which is usually due to lack of content 😉 And I write the text after researching the topic and detailed information

– I get a lot of inquiries for consultations, you ask me to review your profiles, pages, I advise the marketing department on what and how to do better and we do that work either by the hour or by the site, also all by appointment. I see that the new practice is correspondence (there is less and less oral communication) and I must admit that it still works well, COVID taught us everything 😉 We go to chat, message and ask me what you are interested in, and I advise you what you need to do to would be better 😉

The post is longer, there are other little things of various kinds, but this is something you are most looking for at the moment.

I believe that it is clearer now and that you have received an answer to your question about how it all works together behind the scenes 😉

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to me 😉
(and … I intentionally have so many of the same smilies, I’m glad you noticed)


(Bear in mind that I’m just one message away 😉)