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Let’s get digital!

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We all get stuck in a routine sometimes and wonder why things aren’t going better. If you always do things the same way, you will have the same result …

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The brand is not a logo. Not even a font. Not even your standard book. What exactly is it?



And the birds on the branch are singing about TikTok … and you haven’t tried it yet?
Here’s my experience so judge if it’s worth it.



People often take marketing lightly, and advertising in particular – especially if they are not “at home” in the area and do not understand it excessively. Known?

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What exactly am I doing?

Often a question of the brave, because the less brave do not dare to ask not to turn out to be “ignorant” because, like everyone, they should know everything about social networks today. Hm ..

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But … how to switch a company online?

You know what you want but you don’t know how to do it.  Read the guide that may help you with the steps.

Organic trade

His Majesty – Organic Reach

Do you post regularly on social networks, and there are fewer clicks and likes? Read how to change it …

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How to write a post?

Meet AIDU and let your customer guide you through the funnel. The one who reaches the end is yours 😉 And how to write a post, AIDA will help again …

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Online is “in”

Today, everyone wants to be online because it’s “in” or cro. trendy. A few years ago, only serious companies had marketing strategies. And today, everyone wants to be a part of the digital world and talk about marketing. Imagine a business owner who has so far used only phone and e-mail …

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Why do you need social media?

Are you a small or medium sized business owner or employee and interested in digital marketing? The first thing that goes through your head while looking for your online site is – money. How to do something with a minimal budget. I understand because I’ve been through it all …

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Do you live from admiration or sales?

I advise you to take off your shoes, put on someone else’s shoes, not to sell and tie up customers 🙂 Sounds weird, I know ..

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Content marketing

70% of large companies invest significant funds in this segment, and 78% of them have formed departments that deal exclusively with content. These figures speak to the importance of content marketing. Quality content is the best possible sales tool in the world.

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Statistics – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube

2.5 million users in Croatia currently use Facebook, which in 2020. was the leading social network with a share of 83% of visits to all social networks …

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